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Rugs anchor a room and infuse it with personality, style and warmth. They can be one of the more expensive pieces you buy for your home though, so it’s important to make sure you choose the right one. But it’s not enough to simply have your dream rug — it’s also important to know how to position a rug the right way.

The size of living room rugs can dramatically alter the overall feel of a space. A small rug can make your living room feel uninviting, while one that is too large can, paradoxically, make it feel smaller.

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Therefore when choosing a rug for a room, the type of size you choose is an important factor. Ideally a rug should be able to pull in a room together, instead of making it look disjointed. The pieces of furniture should be anchored on the rug to provide a more cohesive look. When in doubt, opt for the larger option, especially if you’re choosing between sizes, since it will prove that it is worth the extra expense every time.

Your living room shape, not just the furniture, should dictate the rug size and orientation to make the space look larger and feel connected. There are three main layouts: all furniture legs resting on the rug, just the front legs on the rug, or all furniture — except for the coffee table — off the rug. If you choose a layout with the sofa on the rug, the rug should extend at least 6" on each side for proper scale.

As the focal point of the room, your bed should also be the base for rug placement. Not only will this further define space, but will also give your feet a soft spot to land each morning. In bedrooms there are three possible layout styles of rugs. All legs on the rug will ensure that the rug is large enough to be placed under the bed. This all-inclusive layout extends beyond the bed to its accompanying furniture, like nightstands or a bench — but does not include bedroom pieces along other walls, like dressers.Ideally the rug should extend at least 18" — 24" past the edge of your bed.

Another option is to have a slightly smaller rug that the bed’s two feet can be placed on but doesn’t extend all the way to the headboard and nightstands. Alternatively, the most budget friendly option is to have two separate rugs on either side of the bed so that your feet land on a plush rug first thing in the mornings.

When we think about rugs in the dining room, the main confusion is what shape of rug should go if you have a rectangle table or a circular one. A rule of thumb is to follow the shape of your dining table, so a round rug should be underneath a round dining table and vice versa. One thing to ensure is that the rug should be at least 24 inches larger than the perimeter of the table. This is so the chairs can sit on a flat surface even if they are pushed back.

Generally runners are great for carpeting long corridors, in the kitchen as well as in the entrance foyers. Children’s rooms may benefit from having rugs in fun shapes and sizes, however care should be taken that the fabric is soft and pliable since kids love sitting down to play!

With the help of these layouts, you can now feel confident enough and well equipped to pick out your living room rug and layout to suit your desire.

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