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2 min readDec 20, 2021

Wallpapers are coming back with a bang in 2022! Many of the worlds top interior designers are once again beginning to favor wall coverings over the use of paint, and here’s all you need to know to keep up with the trend.

It is a well known fact that initially, paint is the more cost effective option, however, wallpaper does exhibit a longer life span if hung and chosen correctly. If you are the type of person who prefers not to frequently redecorate or want to leverage an extra level of detailing, wallpaper may well be the solution for you.

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Before you jump right in and start pasting, you might want to take some time to carefully consider the following:

Budget. There are several types of wall coverings with a diverse range of prices.

Room size. Wrapping your walls can drastically alter the perceived size and feel of your room, you would do well to think about how big or how cozy you want the space to feel.

Room usage. The design and material of wallpaper you use will be heavily influenced by how much the room is used and by whom. For example in a room that is to be frequented by young children, you want to stay away from finely printed white designs.

Longevity. Understand that opting for wall coverings is a long term investment, you should perhaps stick to neutral or traditional designs to avoid a situation where your room begins to feel outdated some way down the line.

Some of the most frequently used types of wall coverings:

1. Vinyl.

Made of a paper layer coated in a vinyl film, it is both water and vapor resistant. Ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens, it is also easy to clean.

2. Non-Woven.

A great alternative to vinyl as it is made of breathable materials which helps in avoiding mold. It does not expand when exposed to water making it a good option for those who prefer DIY projects. It is composed of a mix of natural and synthetic fibers that make it tear resistant.

3. Flock.

One of the oldest styles of wall coverings, it was initially used to imitate velvet hangings and was considered a luxury around the 17th century. The 3D textures add a sense of dynamism to any room and demonstrate very good sound absorption qualities.

4. Glass cloth.

Great for adding texture and depth to a space. Glass cloth wall coverings are of great utility in hiding imperfections on your wall and absorbing sound. They also are the most long lasting of any wall covering, be warned, they can be incredibly costly.

There are a whole host of possibilities when it comes to picking the right wall covering. Armed with the right know how, and some diligent research you can wholly transform any space to match your needs.



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