Colour! The universal tool we all use to express ourselves. Colour theory is the way colours are arranged in a wheel just like we were taught in Kindergarten. Primary, secondary and tertiary colours make up the different hues in the colour wheel. Colours can be used to enhance the mood of a certain space.

When deciding on redoing a space, people often have preferences for furniture style, upholstery and accessory styles, but will blank out when committing to a paint colour for walls. The trick is to make yourself familiar with the colour wheel and basic rules of colour design.

Firstly PICK a colour and STICK with it! Once you have your basic colour decided, you can use it in a variety of ways. As a monotone decor style, you can use different tints and hues in the same colour family. Monotones are great for rooms where you would like to relax, so bedrooms and lounges are the top picks for such schemes.

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If you are feeling adventurous, using two shades opposite each other in the colour wheel will give you a high contrast, visually appealing room. Such color schemes are ideal for children’s play rooms, kitchens etc.

Another important thing is colour temperature. Reds, oranges and yellow tones are warm tones which make large spaces feel welcoming. Cool tones like blues, purples and greens will make small areas feel large and have a calm and relaxed feel. However, don’t mix up the two as tight spaces with reddish tones will make the place feel claustrophobic and cool tones in already large spaces will make the room feel dreary and unwelcoming.

If you plan on using 3 colours or more in a room, it is wise to follow the 60:30:10 design rule. You’ll want to choose one color to be the dominant shade, one to support the dominant, and the third, most vibrant color as an accent.Interestingly, you can also create a similar color scheme using neutrals.

Now that you have a primer of colour theory, don’t shy away from designing your dream spaces. Just remember these tips and advice for the next time you start designing your interiors.

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