How to make small spaces feel bigger

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How to visualise the square footage that you’re missing! Small spaces are a universal truth in today’s world where the population growth and rising real estate rates mean people are moving towards smaller living spaces as compared to the palatial housing styles of before. There are definite benefits to smaller living spaces like ease of cooling and heating, environmentally the footprint is smaller etc however this article focuses on how to make these tiny spaces work better for you!

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The eye can be fooled by a variety of ways to think of spaces as vast areas, which in reality may be modest acreage. We will discover the most foolproof of these ways today.

First things first, bring out your inner Marie Kondo and get rid of all the CLUTTER! Keeping things to the bare minimum on shelves and counters will automatically make lines of sight clear and make the room feel light.

The number one way to ensure light and enhanced space is to paint the walls and doors in light colours which reflect light. Another way to visually increase space is to keep window drapings to a minimum or completely eliminate them in favour of blinds. To draw the eye upwards is to hang the curtain rods much higher than the top of the windows, this will create an optical illusion of the windows and the ceiling being much higher than in actuality.

Vertical stripes also play on the same visual trickery by elongating the height of the walls when placed as striped wallpaper. Horizontal stripes can allow narrow rooms to be seen as visually wider than they are. So striped rugs in narrow corridors or lounges will open up the space.

Mirrors are seen as the holy grail of interiors for small rooms as they enhance the natural light when placed opposite windows. In dark corners they bring a sense of lightness by reflecting back the available light. If strategically placed along the walls, they even portray the room as doubly larger than it actually is. Visually, mirrors are the most strategic and multipurpose tool that an interior designer can have in their inventory.

Large pieces of art hung higher than normal will also train the eye upwards and create an illusion of height. Simple furniture which doubles as storage and has sleek legs will add to the visual of a room being bigger than it is. Also having less furniture but the same light color as the walls will ensure that it blends in well and the eye can see a larger space.

Employ these tricks and you will see your cramped room open up. And remember for small rooms, less is always more!

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