How to make your bedroom “Hygge-worthy”

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2 min readDec 20, 2021


The best things about winters are all the extra lazing hours you get in bed thanks to the long nights. And since winter is almost here, why not make your bedroom cozy and fit for all day lounging in bed with Netflix marathons?

The Danish have an interesting concept to deal with the long and dark winters of the Scandinavian countries. They believe in “Hygge” which literally means cosy and comfortable. The idea is to make indoor spaces and houses extra comfortable by lighting lots of candles, having roaring fireplaces, comfortable cushions, rugs and plush sofas to sink in as well as lots of great food and hot drinks while you read books and play board games.

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Since bedrooms are where we spend most of our time relaxing in, therefore it only makes sense that they should be akin to a sanctuary of peace. Dark, muted wall colours will ensure a relaxed feel, and cozy bedding with lots of cushions, blankets and bed throws will make the bed feel welcoming for nice, long naps.

Lighting in hygge theory is ideally low and warm, since it elevates the feeling of cosiness. Fire plays a big part particularly, ranging from candle light to a warm roaring fire to relax besides. In the bedroom, warm lights in lamps and a nice big fireplace with a decorated mantelpiece can make the atmosphere calm.

Hygge living emphasises comfort, the moment your feet land on the ground they should ideally touch something soft and warm. Rugs, especially layered rugs can achieve the snug feeling. Placed on the sides of the bed, furry rugs will be a welcome alternative to the cold floor on frigid mornings.

Hygge is a lifestyle that values togetherness, comfort food and family, so this upcoming winter dive into your furry sweater, light a couple of candles, grab a hot chocolate mug and laze around without guilt in your cozy bedroom. After all, it’s good for you!

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