The Benefits of Greenery in your Home

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2 min readDec 20, 2021

The health benefits of having plants inside the home have been well documented, but did you know that due to their versatility, they can be of great help in fine tuning the aesthetics of your indoor spaces.

There are over twenty different categories of indoor plants to choose from. They range from flowering plants to cactus types and everything in between. The sheer variety of options is what makes adding flora into your home a viable solution for any interior design quandary.

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Some of the Benefits of incorporating plants into your interior design plan:

Background noise reduction. The stems, soil and leaves of plants are known to absorb sound, and are commonly used in office or residential buildings located near busy highways for this purpose. How affective they are at this task is dependent on their size, surface area, coverage of leaves and amount of potting soil. Two key factors you will want to consider are:

  1. Placement. You want to use the plants around the perimeter of the zone you wish to affect. Avoid placing your plants in the middle of the room, unless you are looking to make them a focal point.
  2. Size and surface. Use larger plants with greater leaf coverage as they will provide a larger surface area and will also require more soil which has proven sound reduction qualities.

They clean the air and give off moisture. Whilst these are great qualities from a health perspective, they are also very relevant in terms of the overall aesthetic of the space. The moisture emitted will remove dust that inevitably builds up indoors, as a result this will sharpen the look of the room and give a crisp feel to the surrounding environment.

If used appropriately, they do not create clutter. Plants are a wonderful option for those looking to give their room a feeling of being full without over cumbering the space. Of course this will be influenced by the type of plant and pot design you choose. Big plants work best in a minimalist layout, whereby you are trying to place emphasis on some key components within the ensemble.

Whatever your motivation for wanting to incorporate flora into your interior design, their overwhelming benefits cannot be denied. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, plants provide a multitude of health benefits by improving air quality and absorbing harmful chemicals.

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